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Have you ever wanted use the Internet or the World Wide Web to promote your business online?

Yes, we are talking about e-marketing, web marketing, online marketing and the many names to the same concept - selling with your website.

You can easily set up a one page website to promote your service or product to millions of Internet users. In fact, a one page web can be a very powerful online marketing tool.

However, before you jump in to build a your first web page, there are a few important pointers which you might want to take note.

Good Writing Will be Rewarded

First, write well for your real visitors, that is, people so that they can easily find the information they searching. Then and only then think about search engine optimization i.e. optimizing your writing for search engine robots or spiders. If the content appeals to your human visitors, it will also do well with the search engines and you will be rewarded with favourable ranking in the search engine listing for your targeted keywords.

This, in a nutshell, is SEO copywriting.

You will want your web page to be listed in at the top of the search engine results, don't you?

Search engine marketing should not be an afterthought but integrated in the development stage of your web page. You have to write in a way to please the search engine algorithm so that your site will top placement for the desired keyword.

It is quite simple to write for search engine - write short sentences. Form short paragraphs with 3 or 4 sentences. And make sure you have sub-headings extensively. Stay focus on a single theme or topic on each page. Create a new page when you feel like branching into a different topic. One web page for one topic.

For example, you may be writing about Internet marketing. You can have a page on Internet marketing in general. Then link this page to discuss in detail each of the web marketing related topics such as pay-per-click, search marketing, banner ad, text link ad, email marketing and etc.

Here's an article on what we recommend to score in website promotion.

Optimize for the Major Search Engines: GYM Guidelines

Search MarketingThat means first get your website into Google, Yahoo and MSN search listings. Before you use the tricks discuss in most Internet markting and SEO forums, be sure to study GYM's guidelines. You don't want to get into trouble with them and get your website blacklisted.

Go to “Submit to GYM Search Engines” if you are ready to get your website indexed by Google, Yahoo and MSN Search.

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